Portrait de Luc Tremblay, coach professionnel chez Cinétique Services Conseils

Ready to accelerate the achievement of your goals?

Coaching is a safe and caring space to help an individual or a group to realize their potential by bringing about awareness. These awarenesses help to let go of limiting truths, which prevent the achievement of goals that are often left at the level of intentions, when it is time to take action.


You have decided to choose yourself, to set out on your journey. You are convinced that coaching can facilitate your process and accelerate the achievement of your goals. But you may still be a little uncomfortable or embarrassed to confide in a stranger during a coaching process: this is normal. The bond of trust must be established. Not all coaches are good for everyone. In other words, a relationship of trust will promote the pleasure of the process and the achievement of results.

This is why I am proposing an exploratory interview that will serve to get to know each other better and to qualify your needs. We can then validate our potential to collaborate.

An approach is also possible at the organizational or team level. Winning conditions are also necessary to create a real synchronous team from the potential of a group or organization.

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