Luc Tremblay, Cinétique Services Conseils

Business development through efficient and responsible processes


Facilitate the establishment of winning conditions to create and support the development of high-performance companies and organizations that are accountable to employees, customers and stakeholders.


  • Systemic
  • Strategic
  • Organizational
  • Operational
  1. Capture-Measure
  2. Recognize-Accept
  3. Act with courage, kindness and commitment to improve, change and transform.

Means & Resources

  • Strategic Planning Hoshin Kanri
  • Lean Management
  • Process-based management (BPM)
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Project management
    • Organizational and operational transformation
    • Technology deployment
    • Environmental and sustainable development

Some testimonials from leaders I’ve worked with over the past few years

" Luc is a perpetual learner.  He has that uncommon ability to take you off the beaten track and generate the sometimes difficult but necessary discussions.  He's a true avant-gardist. "

Guy Martel, ing.-MBB
CEO, Chief Executive Officer
Mouvement Québécois Qualité

" A solid theoretical and practical background to serve his clients!
mis au service de ses clients ! "

Member of the executive management,
public organization of the health sector

" Luc is always ready to listen to his customers and is committed to their success. He remains flexible in his approach to ensure project success. "

Francois Cordeau
Vice-President, Office of Facilities Renewal Management
National Research Council Canada

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